Research Statement

The wealth of existing data, often referenced both in space and time, enable novel classes of applications and services of high societal and economic impact. Modern applications, including social networks, scientific databases, bioinformatics, open governmental data, produce vast volumes of data that are often publicly available, although quite diverse, unrelated and raw.

This poses important challenges for next-generation data management systems, targeting to turning data into knowledge, aiming to affect many important sectors of human life.

Our goal is to address the challenging problems related to the wealth data, by advancing research and producing solutions to real world problems related to efficient and scalable management of Big Data (gathering and cleansing data, storing and indexing data, analyzing, and mining data). Our view of processing big data includes both, batch-style analytical processing and real-time processing.
Emerging issues, such as semantic- and privacy-aware querying and mining, as well as distributed processing of data and integration of data sources through scalable solutions for semantic enrichment and alignment, are in focus.


Hermoupolis – A Trajectory Generator for Simulating Generalized Mobility Patterns
Hermoupolis – A Trajectory Generator…
June 5, 2021
During the last decade, the domain of mobility data mining has emerged providing many effective methods for the discovery of intuitive patterns representing collective behavior of trajector...
Hermes Moving Object Database
Hermes Moving Object Database
June 4, 2021
Moving Object Database (MOD) engines enable us to process, manage and analyze mobility data. Hermes provides MOD functionality to OpenGIS-compatible state-of-the-art Object-Relational DBMS....
Chorochronos – Datasets & Algorithms
Chorochronos – Datasets & Algorithms
March 26, 2021