Data Science Lecture Series, Fall semester, 2021-22

Data Science Lecture Series Fall semester, 2021-22

The fall 2021-22 edition of the Data Science lecture series, provided by the Data Science Lab, consists of the following lectures:
@ Wed. 8/12/2021, 19:45-20:45: Prof. Athena Vakali (AUTH) – Bot Detection in Online Social Networks
@ Mon. 10/1/2022 18:30-19:30: Dr. Nikos Giatrakos (TU Crete) – EasyFlinkCEP: Big Event Data Analytics for Everyone
@ Wed. 12/1/2022, 18:30-19:30: Prof. Periklis Andritsos (Univ, Toronto) – An Inside Look at Customer Journey Analytics
@ Mon. 21/2/2022, 18:30-19:30: Dr. Foteini Valeonti (UCL & – Blockchain, NFTs and Culture

Free participation via MS Teams (link)