Green.Dat.AI – Energy-efficient AI-ready Data Spaces

GREEN.DAT.AI aims to channel the potential of AI towards the goals of the European Green Deal, by developing novel Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Data Analytics Services, ready-to-use in industrial AI-based systems, while reducing the environmental impact of data management processes. GREEN.DAT.AI will demonstrate the efficiencies of the new analytics services in four industries (Smart Energy, Smart Agriculture/Agri-food, Smart Mobility, Smart Banking) and six different application scenarios, leveraging the use of European Data Spaces. The ambition is to exploit mature (TRL5 or higher) solutions already developed in recent H2020 projects and deliver an efficient, massively distributed, open-source, green, AI/FL – ready platform, and a validated go-to-market TRL7/8 Toolbox for AI-ready Data Spaces. The services will cover AI-enabled data enrichment, Incentive mechanisms for Data Sharing, Synthetic Data Generation, Large-scale learning at the Edge/Fog, Federated & Auto ML at the edge/fog, Explainable AI/Feature Learning with Privacy Preservation, Federated & Automatic Transfer Learning, Adaptive FL for Digital Twin Applications, Automated IoT event-based change detection/ forecasting. The GREEN.DAT.AI Consortium consists of a multidisciplinary group of 17 partners from 10 different countries (and one associated party), well balanced in terms of expertise.