BLUE RESEARCH AND INNOVATION DAYS – the Data Science Lab is there!

The main objective of Blue Research and Innovation Days is to present ongoing cutting-edge projects along with a specially-shaped hackathon towards bringing together consortia, the scientific community and industry working at the core of the ‘blue economy’ by promoting synergies as well as shaping common future activities.

The event will give the opportunity in every project to present its particular objectives, the current results, its cloud services, Open and Big Data research and results, the possible business cases providing by this way the possibility to the participants to investigate common approaches to specific problems, complementarities, synergies perspectives, future collaborations.

The hackathon at the end of the week will integrate challenges from three specific projects towards providing the participants access to real world scenarios, business cases and open issues. Thus, it will promote the design and development of new approaches and novel solutions related to various Blue Economy aspects.

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